Various Artists: The Brisbane Sound

The Go-Betweens I Am An Architect
The Apartments Nobody Like You
The Clock Red And Black
The Voice Of Drama Song Of Colours
Swell Guys Smack In The Head
Zero When Adam
Xiro A Little Slip Of Paper In Thin Air
Four Gods Jane
Forced Audience Dada Ha Ha
Out Of Nowhere The Arrangements
Xero Strangers, Immigrants And Bandits
The Go-Betweens I Know Why
Red Megaphone Untitled
Pink And Blue The Roof Of Tin
The Pits Dumb Things
Birds Of Tin A Day At The Ocean
Bix Pieces Lydia Baddoo
Antic Frantic East Of Eden
This Five Minutes Changes
Tangled Shoelaces You Can Come Too
Laughing Clowns Crystal Clear (live)
Small World Experience Security
Holy Ghosts Thief


CD Album included with the catalogue for The Brisbane Sound, which took place at the Institute of Modern Art in Brisbane from 9th February to 18th March 2008.

There are two Go-Betweens tracks included on the CD: I Am An Architect was recorded in 1979; I Know Why was recorded in 1981.

The Zero track, When Adam, features Lindy Morrison on drums and has lyrics written by Robert Forster.